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Bariatric Surgery


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Bariatric University offers:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Good Samaritan Hospital Group
  • Lap Band Group VIP
  • 3-month for Lapbanders Education and Processing Group

Meet our Founders and Faculty 

susanSusan Lassetter, MA

danaDana Schroeder, RN

Bariatric University

Bariatric University provides coach training and coaching services for people dealing with obesity recovery in the bariatric population.What can coaching do for you?

Coaching can provide you with the opportunity to look at what is in your life and to create what Is wanted.Coaching can facilitate clarity for the life YOU really want for yourself.

No judgments….Just support
Non-directive…. Its your way only.
Choice…….. The name of the game.
Empowered…. No “you shoulds”.
Fun….Nobody is more fascinating than you are.
Enlightening….“I never knew that”… (a direct quote!)
Freeing…“I only have to be responsible for me”!

Coaching provides a safe space for you to consider any and all factors which affect you in your life right now.

Consider:Beliefs Vision
Actions Behaviors
Mindset Tolerances

Counseling vs. Coaching vs. Consulting

Counseling (therapy) deals with healing a client’s past in order for them to live a whole life. This process requires full client participation and emphasis on the past and being in the present.

Consulting deals with an assessment by an expert of a situation or problem and a recommendation for implementation by the client. The client is not required to participate in designing the resolution of the situation or problem.

Coaching is a professional service which assumes clients to be whole creative, resourceful and competent while the client designs choices they wish in their lives. Coaching provides clients with feedback, insights and guidance from an outside vantage point in full support of the client’s agenda.