Introduction to Coaching Skills:

14 weeks of instruction with:

  • Reading assignments
  • Augmented lectures
  • In-class coaching labs
  • Peer coaching hours
  • Applied coaching hours
  • Extended learning assignments
  • Submission of specified documents for review

The following books are used for the Introduction to Coaching Skills course work.

Total Life Coaching by Patrick Williams and Lloyd Thomas
Co-active Coaching 2nd Edition by Laura Whitworth, et al.
They can be purchased easily by clicking :Shop at! and Human Being, a resource and experiential manual by Dave Ellis bought from the website “Falling Awake”

Personal Discovery Group Coaching:

  • 12 weeks of topic discovery courses
  • Reading assignments
  • Lecture
  • Group Process through coaching skills
  • Targeted activities for each topic

Individual Coaching:

by appointment…Please contact

  • Group Coaching
  • Good Samaritan Hospital Group
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Lap Band group VIP

3 month for Lapbanders Education and Processing group

 (BU-100)  Compelling Visions

Telephonic course providing instruction, activities and coaching to create a Compelling Visions for Life.  Offered live by special arrangement. (4hour/4week)

 (BU-101)  Introduction to Coaching Skills

Telephonic course offering an in-depth survey of basic coaching skills  for creating awareness and effectiveness of those working within the bariatric community. This course has been approved for 30 Contact Hours (CEU’s) through Taylor College. Offered live by special arrangement (14hour/14weeks)

 (BU-PDG- 102)  Personal Discovery Coaching Group

Telephonic course : Participant shall investigate the topics through personal perspectives, action plan(s) and/or accountability structure(s) with instruction, coaching, discussion, exercises, readings, projects, and personal reflections. Participants are invited to become aware of what is and what is wanted in the client’s own life.    (12 hour/12-week) Course outline and materials available to Bariatric University certified coaches.

 (BU-103)  Individual Personal Discovery Coaching

Telephonic Survey of Discovery Topics for the individual client.  One-on-one coaching will be provided around specified topics and materials, inviting the participant to discovery and awareness of what is and what is wanted in the client’s own life. The client shall set his or her own personal goals, action plan(s) and/or accountability structure(s) in accordance with the Discovery Topic.  Coaching approach used. Offered live by special arrangement. (12hour-12weeks)

 (BU-104)  Bariatric Coaching with Certificated Coaches

Specific needs of Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) client(s) are addressed by arrangement of client with a certified Bariatric Coach.

 (BU-105)  Coaching with Certificated Coaches

Coaching services designed for individuals to identify their own topics and agendas, to develop MAPS (Multiple Action Plans) and to implement strategies for the chosen outcomes/goals.  This service can apply to any area of life.  Offered telephonically and live by special arrangement.  Please contact for more information.

 (BU-BOT-106)  Back-on-Track

Class designed to provide tools and in 5 Life Aspects, Health & Wellness, Finance, Relationship, Spirituality which may affect the WLS client. This is a content and discussion course.  Offered telephonically and live by special arrangement. (24 hour/12 week)

 (BU- 110)  Coach-on-Call:

Coaching provided telephonically or electronically in order to provide “laser-coaching” for short-term coaching sessions, with specifically named outcomes. Requires a 24 hour request notice for more information.